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It's Trade Show Season!


As I type, we are packing up for a trip to Las Vegas for the Hospitality & Design Expo, May 4-6. It will be a first for us and we're excited. We're already mapping out our meals 'cause we are bigger eaters than gamblers.

Next up we'll head to NY for our third year at ICFF, May 14-17. It's our third year exhibiting and feels good to know the ropes and yes, we are already planning what to eat there too. (Suggestions welcome.)

After that, we will back in the bay to participate in SF Design Week, June 2-9.This year, we are helping put together a panel on how designers work with local makers. Cool, right? And then it's time for West Coast Craft, June 11-12! It's wonderful how we get to save the best for last. If you haven't yet attended WCC, make sure to do so this year. It feels like a party because, well, it kind of IS a party; delicious food and drink and everyone you wanted to see but can never manage to see, all is one gorgeous location! Win, win, win.

Not to bury the lead but we are launching a new piece at ICFF. I've been keeping it under wraps because who doesn't enjoy surprises? Stay tuned!


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