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Heated Outdoor Furniture Goes to Sundance!

We were thrilled to be part of Canada Goose's Festival Base Camp at the Sundance Film Festival this year! Although we didn't know much about Canada Goose before working together, we learned that our companies are actually very similar. Sure, Canada Goose happens to be 'uge and from, well, Canada but we both make high quality products that keep people warm and comfortable while spending time outdoors! Our partnership at Sundance was the beginning of what looks to be a beautiful friendship.

Galanter & Jones Heated Chair Canada Goose SundanceGalanter Jones Heated Helios Lounge Canada Goose SundanceGalanter Jones Heated Helios Lounge Sundance Canada GooseCanada Goose Festival Base Camp Heated Furniture Galanter Jones Galanter Jones Heated Lounge Canada Goose SundanceCanada Goose Heated Outdoor Furniture Sundance Galanter Jones

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