So what IS heated furniture?

Miranda Jones @ 2019-08-27 14:11:52 -0700

Heated furniture is many things. But at its simplest, it's furniture:
Lounges, chairs, and stools, made for the express purpose of keeping the people who sit on them warm, cozy, and comfortable!

Like our Metreo, pictured above, heated furniture is made to be enjoyed indoors or out. It's a powerfully comfortable defense against a dip in temperature, the changing seasons, and the unexpected elements. It extends and elevates the time you get to spend in your favorite spaces, and has also been known to relieve minor back pain, sooth aching muscles and cramps, and even provide an excuse for families to spend more meaningful time together!

Watch how our heated furniture is made:

Heated furniture is made from a durable, high-tech concrete mixture
, cast to be strikingly ergonomic, and luxuriously smooth to the touch.
When it's switched on and heated up, sitting in it feels like lounging on a river rock that's been warmed by the sun. Heated furniture is electric, and plugs right into any standard 110v outlet, and runs on a thermostat, allowing you to adjust and maintain a desired temperature (between 85°-120°F) relative to the ambient temperature. You can learn more about the technical specifications by downloading our product tear sheets here!

Heated furniture is meant for a whole host of conditions
, ranging from mild or breezy afternoons, to chilly nights. You could even host an afternoon of aprés ski during a snowfall! We have several clients who swear their morning coffee routine will never be the same, since they are able to enjoy it outside in their favorite chair, on any morning! 
Because the electric, radiant coil warms the cast stone from within, and due to its thermal density, heated furniture generates an even-spread gentle, and soothing warmth that keeps your guests and you comfortable long after the sun has set or when temperatures drop.

Heated furniture is an elegant and low-maintenance alternative to conventional outdoor heating methods like gas fire pits, hot tubs or outdoor patio "lamp" heaters. Traditional options (yes, even campfires!) heat air and space with the thermal energy they produce. Many of them even burn fossil fuels like propane while doing so. Sure, you'll feel some warmth if you happen to be near to one, but the heat they give off is often harsh, and drying! Even a crackling campfire can be hampered by a change in the wind, or a lack of appropriate layers. And we've all experienced the "hair dryer effect" of eating beneath a heat lamp on a chilly  dock-side or a patio at a restaurant. Since conventional methods warm the air first, they are often quite ineffective at warming more than a single body part. It's far from an ideal solution for what should be a truly relaxing, enjoyable, and more human experience like enjoying a meal!

Heated furniture offers a better way to enjoy carefree time, agnostic of the elements, in your favorite spaces,
because heated furniture warms
people in the most human way: through simple contact. It's effect? Making guests feel tangibly more relaxed, as they experience places they enjoy most.

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Like sliding into a hot tub without needing to change into a swimsuit, or like offering your guests the comfort of a warm blanket, heated furniture is a game changer for gatherings of all types. Gathering your thoughts while enjoying your coffee in solitude as the sun comes up, or celebrating with family and friends late into the evening, heated furniture makes the simple act of sitting into being more present, more comfortable, and more tuned into your surroundings. Comfort is taken care of, so that meaningful experiences, conversations and memories can be shared and made. 

By adding an element of control back into the spaces that are notoriously unpredictable and subject to temperature changes, heated furniture transforms spaces where people want to enjoy more quality time. Gardens, patios, roof-decks, great rooms, fireside, or poolside; all traditionally underutilized spaces become the most popular, welcoming, and comfortable spots in any dwelling.

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