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Hot Off The Press

We are in Architectural Digest!

We are completely thrilled that the Helios Lounge is featured in this month's issue of Architecture Digest in an article profiling Casa Perfect, The Future Perfect's glamorous Beverly Hills showroom. The house use to belong to none other than Elvis Presley, who probably would have really loved heated furniture. Check out the...

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We're Famous!

I'm on the newest episode of the pod cast Making Ways today, talking about what a long, strange trip it has been to get where we are today. I give some advice, talk some smack and talk about the most important thing you can do when starting your own business. Give...

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Spring is Just Around the Corner!

Right now it feels like winter will never end but it will, and sooner than you think! The best way to stay comfortable during chilly spring nights is with some heated outdoor furniture. It will extend the time you can spend entertaining in your yard or just enjoying a solitary nightcap...

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New Hot Chair Alert!

Our newest chair, the Kosmos, is proving to be so popular that we have sold out of the first run and are taking orders for the next! That's them in the photo, looking all sultry and gorgeous next to a pool in LA. Orders placed now will be available in early...

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