The Apollo Collection

The Apollo Collection


Durability made for everyday comfort.

Apollo is our newest, most affordable heated furniture collection. Apollo comes in a heated two-person Lounge and single Chair. The collection also offers a variety of matching tables and planters.

Apollo features the same durable, lighter-weight cast stone material, and hollow construction as our Kosmos chair. Our first design without a frame, Apollo's warmth is sure to help you feel grounded and restored, wherever you land.

The Apollo Collection

From the designer:

“We wanted to take the lessons we learned with the Kosmos and see if we could lower production costs, to ultimately let more people afford and enjoy the benefits of heated furniture.

By eliminating the stainless steel frame, and pushing our dual-mold casting concept a bit further, I think we designed a chair with all the same, functional quality of our higher end products, without compromising on form, durability, or luxury.”

- Aaron Jones (Founder)

Intuitive temperature control

Adjustable warmth at the gentle turn of a dial. 80ºF - 120ºF

Integrated drainage

From settling fog to melting snow, subtle brass drains let gravity do the work to keep your seat dry.

Plug-in ready

Un-box, plug-in, & warm-up. Apollo Chair and Lounge come standard with a high quality, twelve foot electrical cord and plug, compatible with any GFI outlet.

Tables & Planters to match.

Apollo tables in two sizes, and planters in three! Pair with any of our furniture, or with Apollo Chair & Lounge for the perfect ensemble.

...If you’re accustomed to entertaining on the patio or in the backyard, you may find yourself faced with a no-win situation now that there’s a chill in the air: Should you corral your guests inside or force them to shiver it out under a pile of scarves outside? Now there's a better option: heated outdoor furniture. Wait, what? Yes! This exists."

- House Beautiful


Make the best

  • morning coffee,
  • quiet moments,
  • views,
  • aprés ski,
  • tasting wine,
  • starry nights,
  • date nights,
  • garden,
  • fire pit,
  • books,
  • snuggles,
  • recovery session,
  • landscape,
  • roof deck,
  • patio,
  • porch,

even better.

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