The Helios Collection

The Helios Collection


The first, and still a favorite.

Helios, named after the Greek God of the Sun, was the first of its kind, and is still everybody's favorite heated furniture design.

Like a warm river stone in the sun, or a hot tub without water, Helios collection features ergonomic curves cast in smooth stone engineered to provide transformative warmth. Every model in the collection rests atop a beautiful, powder-coated frame to ensure lasting beauty, comfort, and durability. With three sizes to choose from, customizable colors and cord length options, Helios offers adaptable luxury to elevate any space.

The Helios Collection


From the designer:

“We created Helios to transform people's relationship with their outdoor spaces... and it worked! Helios is the original design that helped us really start the business. Instead of machines that burned fuel and heated air, we wanted to make beautiful furniture that warmed people.

We started Galanter & Jones in 2012 with Helios Lounge, and have since added two more sizes to the collection: our Helios 'Metreo,' and Helios Chair. Helios helped us begin, and it remains our signature collection, because people have loved it so much.”

- Miranda Jones (Founder)

The Helios Line

Intuitive temperature control

Adjustable warmth at the gentle turn of a dial. 80ºF - 120ºF

Integrated drainage

From settling fog to melting snow, subtle brass drains let gravity do the work to keep your seat dry.

Plug-in ready

Un-box, plug-in, & warm-up. Helios comes standard with a high quality, twelve foot electrical cord and plug, compatible with any GFI outlet, but you can customize your desired cord length and placement on any piece within the the collection.

Adjustable rear feet

Eliminate wobbling on a variety of surfaces.

Truly, we are so in love (Gizmo too), and feel like happy children who get to have their cake and eat it too. Being warm and outside in the fresh air! The design is ridiculous, sitting or laying, we feel held in a warm happy hug. New favorite spot in the whole house, thanks to Helios."

Jess L. | San Francisco, CA


Make the best

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  • quiet moments,
  • views,
  • aprés ski,
  • tasting wine,
  • starry nights,
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  • garden,
  • fire pit,
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even better.

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