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Our products are handcrafted one at a time. As with all handmade materials, slight variations and natural blemishes in the finish and color are possible and not considered a defect or product flaw. Color variations may occur in the casting process and may not be an exact match with the item pictured. Often times while finishing, natural voids occur in the casting process. Such variations on surfaces are inherent in the handmade manufacturing process. Those natural blemishes are what make each piece of a handmade product charming and unique.

Will the concrete crack?

With our proprietary design and method of mixing and casting, our high strength concrete is not likely to have cracking, however concrete can crack. If cracking does take place it is most likely hairline and can happen upon transport, settling after installation, or most commonly from natural shrinkage of the material. Concrete can develop hairline cracks that are non-structural and result from the natural shrinkage of the material; this is not to be considered a defect.

With the correct support and care structural cracking should not occur. Scratches, dents, and/or damages to the surface are not covered under warranty. For more information on Shipping and Warranty Coverage.



The furniture is comparable to a large ceramic pot, strong and durable but also delicate and fragile. It must be treated with some level of care. In other words, please do not drop or drop anything on the furniture! Even a very small drop can result in damage due to the large weight.

Will my furniture stain?

Concrete is porous; like copper, zinc, or a wood butcher block, it will develop a patina over time but will in no way compromise the performance of your furniture. It should be thought of as natural patina, and will look beautiful with years of use.

We us the top of line sealers to ensure our furniture is best sealed. Galanter & Jones sealer for our exterior products can be expected to develop a patina over time and are not warranted against staining. Oils, red wine, acidic foods, and heavy water saturated areas can darken or etch. Regular cleaning with warm water and a soft cloth will help keep your piece looking beautiful.



Galanter & Jones implements free-on-board (FOB) shipping terms with all buyers, stating Galanter & Jones is not liable for the risk of loss once our products leave our warehouse. Each piece is inspected and tested before packaged for shipping, and is sent out in new condition. Our pieces are carefully packaged in environmentally friendly, safe, and sturdy wooden palettes to ensure safe passage.

Please open and inspect your shipment before signing off on it. If there is damage, the shipper needs to know before they depart. Once a product leaves our warehouse, Galanter & Jones is not liable for the risk of loss or any damage to the furniture. 

For more information on Shipping and Warranty Coverage.