The Kosmos Collection

The Kosmos Collection


A world of calming warmth, and our most efficient design to date.

Kosmos, after the Greek word for ‘harmonious order.’ Award-winning designs, inspired by the spherical shape of the Earth and planets.

Kosmos chair and its two sizes of matching table all feature a durable, lighter-weight cast stone material, and hollow construction. Kosmos wraps around you, supporting tired limbs, and offering luxurious warmth and ergonomic comfort. Its hollow form is cast in a two part-mould that, like your favorite insulated mug, helps to keep the cold out, and warmth in.

The Kosmos Collection

From the designer:

“When we set out to design Kosmos we knew we wanted a new, more affordable heated chair that also needed to integrate new materials, and have a shorter build timeline. To accomplish those goals, Kosmos would embody all we had learned making heated furniture up to that point.

After months in development, what resulted was Kosmos’ dual-mold casting system. By housing our heating element between two finished cast-stone surfaces, we not only created efficiency in production, but function. A signature element of the Kosmos line, it represents a real evolution in how we think about materials, and production.”

- Aaron Jones (Founder)

Smooth stone, joined in warmth.

Dual-mould, cast stone construction provides insulated, restorative warmth. Like a river stone in the sunshine, or a hot tub without water.

Intuitive temperature control

Adjustable warmth at the gentle turn of a dial. | 80ºF - 120ºF

Plug-in ready

Un-box, plug-in, & warm-up. Kosmos comes standard with a high quality, twelve foot electrical cord and plug, compatible with any GFI outlet.

Tables to match

Kosmos tables in two sizes pair nicely with any of our furniture, or with Kosmos Chairs as a conversation set. Either way, they're sure to be conversation starters.

...transformed our terrace! What was once limited to seasonal use is now a year-round oasis. Whether it's nightly fresh air or weekend entertaining, this has become the most coveted seat in our home.

John H. | New York, NY


Make the best

  • morning coffee,
  • quiet moments,
  • views,
  • aprés ski,
  • tasting wine,
  • starry nights,
  • date nights,
  • garden,
  • fire pit,
  • books,
  • snuggles,
  • recovery session,
  • landscape,
  • roof deck,
  • patio,
  • porch,

even better.

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