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Galanter & Jones

Galanter & Jones

Galanter & Jones

Heated Furniture

The first and only of its kind. Perfect for indoors or out. Designed in California.

Cast Stone Surface

The smooth stone surface is cast in an ergonomic shape that provides comfort during hours of lounging. And because of its heating efficiency, you’ll stay warm all day and all night with minimal energy output.

Adjustable Heating

Plug the bench in, turn it on at the press of a button and set it to your desired temperature and enjoy. The bench will remember how you like it for next time.

A Color for Every Setting

Over 20 bench color and base combinations available.

People Love it in the Hot Seat

“The Evia has been a terrific addition to our deck. Evenings find us there with a glass of wine, even when the cool weather sets in, extending our use of the deck well into the winter.” - Dan

“The Helios lets me enjoy mornings, afternoons, sunsets and star gazing because its heat warms my core... My neighbor came over two nights ago and sat on the Helios at sunset. She bought one the next day.” - James